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Q. 1 Does take any money to register a profile?
Ans. No. The does not take any money or amount for any free registration around the world?

Q. 2 How may register myself on your site ?
Ans. Visit the site and open the Free Registration Form, fill the form, make a password and ID after that you can search your life partner.

Q. 3 May I register anybody on this site?
Ans. Yes you can register anybody.

Q.4 How many profile may I create on this site?
Ans. You can create only one profile on this site.

Q. 5. How much mobile number may I use on the
Ans. You can provide 1 or 2 mobile numbers, but you can use only one registered mobile number.

Q. 6 How many emails may I use on this site?
Ans. You can use only one email ID.

Q. 7 If I forgot my password or ID, How can I run my registered profile?
Ans. Visit the site, Click forgot password link, and create new password and get your profile immediately.

Q. 8. If I give my password anybody, have you any problem?
Ans. You will face a lot of problems. Your data, photo, email, mobile number and everything can be misused by anybody or someone or you would be got blackmail yourself. The suggests you not to give anybody or someone your password or Id. It is your responsibility otherwise.

Q.9 May I change my password or ID ?
Ans. Yes, you can change your password or ID by using following steps----

i. Visit the .
ii. Login your profile.
iii. Go to Edit Account Info.
iv. Enter your old Password or ID and create new password or ID
v. Confirm your email or mobile number.
vi. Click submits option.
vii. Wait successful message
viii. Never use your old password or ID
ix. Keep your password secure.
x. Do not provide or tell anybody or someone your password or ID.

Q. 10 By Any reason, if my password or ID does not support me, how can I do?
Ans. Follow the following steps—

a. First of all check your password correctly whatever you have created.
b. Again you can check your password’s number or capital or small letter, or any special number, or symbol as upper or lower case.
c. At this position, your password is not working now, please go to on forgot password link and create new password.
d. Whenever you create your password, please write or note down it in your notebook or diary.
e. Be careful, your mobile number and email must be same, but not different.

Q. 11 How many photo may I upload while creating my profile?
Ans. You man upload only 2 photos.

Q. 12 Is my data and photo secured?
Ans. Yes, you may believe on the

Q. 13 May I hide my photo?
Ans. Yes, you can hide your photo and whenever you need, you may visible.

Q. 14 How can I contact a new member?
Ans. First of all, you should create your profile free on the After that you may contact 05 ( Five) contact without buying any plan. If you want more contact number or emails, please go to plan ling and complete it, then you get contact numbers.

Q. 15 How many profiles may I create on this site?
Ans. You can create only one profile for anybody or someone.

Q. 16 How can I reject any member or profile?
Ans. If you do not like or agree, please use reject link.

Q. 17 What are the benefits for buying a plan?
Ans. There are some benefits for buying a plan, as—
I. You can view a lot of profiles.
II. You can send request.
III. You may accept a request or reject any request.
IV. You may send or receive messages.
V. You may chat.
VI. Your profile will be highlighted.
VII. You can find your all request or messages.
VIII. You may help any executive or assistant finding a suitable match.
IX. Check and investigate the person.
X. You can search the profile around the world.
Q.18 How can I safe myself?

Ans. The suggests you that---
a. Whenever you receive a contact number, please confirm that unknown person is genuine or not.
b. Do not talk or call late night anybody or somebody.
c. If anybody or someone call you late night, please not to receive such type of call.
d. Do not fix any meeting alone anywhere.
e. Do not use or watch any video call.
f. Do not receive any movie or film, if anybody or someone sends you.
g. Never send you personal photo or movie or family photo to anybody or someone.
h. Never exchange any gift or packet from a new member until you or your family member not to confirm a person (male or female).
Q. 19 Can arrange any meeting with a registered member?
Ans. The helps you for meeting or get to gather meeting with your family or family concern.
It is declared that shall not allow meeting at its office or office premises.

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